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Numerical control processesing centre:

Economy's development , the commercial plant ceaselessness increase by at full speed , the power supply using our country is gradually short-supplied , electrified wire netting mass is more and more bad. Have made an electrified wire netting appear overtension, be not enough voltage , moment point pulse , moment drop , the mutual equipment room EMI electromagnetism conduction disturbance waits for the various anomaly condition. For the high precise equipment protecting you more well,make it bring much better efficiency into play , cut down unnecessary loss , suggest that the selective breeding high-performance ZBW series has no contact exchanging stabilivolt power source It has speed of response quickly , stabilivolt accuracy height , triphase mark of tune , nothing contact dispense with to defend the synthetical protection waiting for merit , numerical control especially suitable to process a centre.

Demand of laser equipment to electrified wire netting is higher , pulse disturbs especially in the twinkling of an eye, whose moment during the period of the job pounds electric current , ups and downs that can produce pressure descend , bring about voltage. The purification suggesting that the selective breeding gathers stabilivolt , the anti-interference an integral whole ZBWJ series has no contact exchanges stabilivolt power source. It can point pulse restraint , put the nature EMI electromagnetism disturbance function under isolated be transmitted by, the electrified wire netting amplitude appears on meeting very highly sometimes , very narrow point pulse , its meeting puncture pulse width being able to bear lower electronic component of pressure. Stabilivolt power source resisting arrives at very good inhibitory action starting from when the surging module can to such point pulse. Numerical control equipment adopt AC/DC commutation + PFC high frequency power factor adjustment much , itself has certain disturbance character to be unable to have a request strict at the same time to disturbance source. The stabilivolt power source wave filtering module is able to have the effect isolation electrified wire netting disturbance to equipment to be able to effective the equipment disturbance keeping apart to the electrified wire netting at the same time also.

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