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Servant Idea  

Sincere is a Criterion to handle between our and the customer , enterprise and the employee, individual and individual as well as between the group and society the human relations criteria.
Responsibility is a link to bind with our company and customer , enterprise and the employee, individual and individual as well as benefit between the group and society.
Professional ethics
That we think highly of is that availability, attaches importance to is job mass. The quality working , product quality and the serving quality being enterprise lifeline forever. For this purpose, we require that every employee is able to be diligent and conscientious carefully, assiduous , methodistic , chisels incessantly the field conducts self , works.
Enterprising spirit
In market economy society like this, being full of open competition one and encouraging strong person on the objective in today, the Zhongxiang science and technology people responds to the sober field cognition: Road being innovative, only when our enterprise being innovative , being really develops.
Team spirit
We firmly believe that the collective success comes from our every member's making joint efforts. Therefore, we are too busy to get away link combined efforts up , can't be seprated from.
Serve consciousness
We believe in, customer's satisfied, be really our maximal running after , can bring really successful excitation to us. Because the enterprise success comes from ultimately in the customer approve , hold out and trust. But, these want to take our sense of responsibility as starting point and condition , to exchange us for sincere service surely.
Enterprise image consciousness
A excellent collective is always composed of a batch of excellent member. Every employee's image all represents the enterprise image. The enterprise image is every employee quality embodiment. At the same time, the enterprise image requires that our everyone employee goes to defend meticulously.
Active psychology
Active psychology is that one people start of successfully. Everyone may come across such or that difficulty problems. We hope that everybody all be able to face it with active psychology , overcomes it , resolves it.
Fine human relations
Fine human relations, are that Qingfeng science and technology company judges every employee individual ability importance consults a basis.
Habit studying and thinking
Can suffer hardships , certainly no doubt. Be had thought , be respected more. Every Zhongxiang science and technology people ought to be a studious assiduous people , to be expert in the people who thinks deeply that.

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